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What are Punch Boards? Punch Boards are considered gambling devices and viewed as a precursor to modern-day pulltabs. The boards are half an inch to an inch thick and have prize tickets folded or rolled up inside tiny holes. Players paid for a chance to take a punch at the board and see if they could win. Prizes ranged from a cigarette lighter, ballpoint pen, gun, or even a new automobile. The boards could be found in bars, shops, and also were prevalent in grocery stores.

Listed below please find validation from multiple National authorities, and what they have to say regarding Rangeloff's rare and unique collection

October 11, 1999 Duluth News Tribune.

Mimi Minnick, Smithsonian archivist scouts Duluthian's prized punch boards as a precursor to a more formal visit the Smithsonian plans in the spring."We probably have the national expert on punch boards", said Mimi Minnick.

October 12, 1999 Minneapolis Star Tribune

After four decades the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. has taken notice of Evan (Ding) Rangeloff's extensive collection of punch boards.

June 2, 2000 Duluth News Tribune.

David Shayt, a historian with the Smithsonian "For the Smithsonian Rangeloff's collection represents the rarest of finds. "Rangeloff's collections is probably worth millions"

January 17, 2003 UNLV

David Schwartz, Ph.D. Coordinator, Gaming Studies Research Center, University of Nevada Las Vegas. "Mr. Rangeloff's collection of punchboards and related artifacts is one of the most valuable collections of physical artifacts related to gambling and popular culture that I have ever seen. This is an important collection of great historical value that deserves to be kept intact"

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Articles About Ding's Punchboard collection

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Image: A display of some of the Rangeloff Collection punch boards.

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